Date: April 23, 2015
Author: C. Puccini, Golf SA

The Sawers family: 75 years, four generations

It is quite rare to find someone celebrate an active 75 year membership as well as find a family with four current generations as club members. For the Sawers family though, golf is a family pursuit.

Bill Sawers, aged 93 became a 75 year member of Kooyonga Golf Club on 22nd April 2015.

To mark the occasion, Bill hit a shot off the 1st Tee in front of a large gathering which included his family and close friends, his NBG group and various other members and Committee, who were dotted around the first and on the balcony.

The Sawers family have been very prominent at Kooyonga, with 5 generations of the family being members since the club opened in the 1920’s.  Bill’s Uncle was a founding member of Kooyonga and there are now 4 living generations as current members; Bill Sawers himself, his son Kym, grandson Alex and great grandson Remy Sawers, who recently joined Kooyonga at the age of 8.

The honour boards confirm the influence of the Sawers’ family in the history of Kooyonga.

Ross, Bill’s uncle, is a past SA Amateur Champion (1936), Club Champion and Club Captain. Bill himself has had four hole-in-one’s, an Open Father and Son and an A Grade Plate to his credit.

While Bill is no longer able to play a round of golf, on his 75th membership anniversary he was taken out to the 14th to have a ‘nip of port’, as his monthly NBG group of usually 16-20 players, passed through during their normal round.

On the day, Bill’s son Kym and grandson Alex also hosted a group of 5 other family and friends for a round prior to a luncheon in the clubhouse held for Bill, attended by family and friends.

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