Date: November 25, 2013
Author: Martin Blake / Royal Melbourne

Thoughts of Australia’s champions

World Cup heroes Jason Day and Adam Scott reflected after their win at Royal Melbourne on Sunday. Here are a few of their thoughts… ON THE FORMAT “It’s hard not to like it when you have won a trophy. I think the individual and having 72-hole stroke play is really great. Add them all up, it s good. I still think I would have liked to spend four days playing with Jason as a team and we could have gone in four balls. That would be my only comment that I personally would have enjoyed that probably a little more. Nothing against the guys I did play with though.&apos&apos Adam Scott “I think that would be a good thing for us to play together in Rio if we somehow get here and play as a team so that we can help each other. I know that he doesn’t need much help but it definitely helps to have that support with you. If you have a bad hole it s always good to have someone to push you along. It’s just like when we were playing the Presidents Cup together, it is always good to have a teammate there because sometimes you might be down and frustrated with yourself but it s always good to have someone there to pick you up and keep moving you forward. I think the format was great this week. Obviously, you know, it s kind of hard not to like when you win but I think they should pair us together or pair the teams together and make it a rule that you can help each other and support each other like that. I think that will go a long way in Olympic golf.&apos&apos Jason Day ON HOLE-OUT EAGLES “We were trying to hit it 95 yards. I have no idea what the actual total number is. When me and Col (caddie Col Swattan) communicate I just say, &aposI want the total number&apos. He just said, &apos95&apos, and 95 worked out perfectly. I didn t expect it to go in. I knew that if it didn t go in it was going to be dead stone next to the pin. But very surprising to see it because I was actually walking to the putting green through the locker room when I saw Scotty hole that second shot into the first hole.&apos&apos Jason Day ON THE PHILIPPINES “Well, I think the biggest thing right now is to know that I just didn t give up, no matter what. It would have been the easiest thing for me to just go ahead and pull out of the tournament with what has been going on over the last week. You know, just to be up there with my mum and support her. But I really wanted to come down here and play with Adam and really try and win the World Cup and we achieved that, which is great. Right now we are in the process of doing something. It was kind of really quick notice to us what had happened, and we will most likely set something up and definitely be giving some money or raising money and trying to raise awareness to what has really happened over there. I know a lot of people have seen and heard what has happened but the devastation and the tragedy that has gone on over in the Philippines is very difficult for us to see because we live in such a great country. And once you know of someone or you are related to, someone that has gone through something like that, it is very close to the heart.&apos&apos Jason Day ON THE CUP “Like I said all week, I think one day we will look back with really fond memories and be very proud that we have played here and represented Australia and won the World Cup in Australia. No matter whether we win it again or not, I think it is going to be a memorable experience for both of us.&apos&apos Adam Scott ON AUSTRALIAN GOLF&aposS FUTURE “There is some momentum at the moment and this adds to that, let s keep things moving forward. Hopefully Australia winning again this week is just another thing to keep golf on the mind of lots of kids and lots of people out there who like playing the game or might even take up the game and I think the more that they can relate to a couple of Aussie guys playing the better and, you know, we ve just got to keep building the momentum. I have said the whole time our job is to play good golf to get that done and then hopefully that helps the organisations back here do their job too.&apos&apos Adam Scott