Date: September 27, 2016
Author: Tony Meyer, GA Coach (Twitter: @TonyCMeyer)

Three mistakes golfers make and how to fix them

Golfers are always looking at ways to improve, but it’s amazing how many make simple errors that result in their scores going up instead of down.

1. Practice

We all know that we are more likely to improve if we spend more time at the practice area, but there are several mistakes golfers make when they hit the range. Firstly, they spend too much time on the areas of their game that they are already good at. Before you start a practice session, ensure you evaluate the areas of your game that could do with the most improvement and then set out a schedule that helps improve those areas. Another common error is not practising the short game and putting enough. Putting alone makes up between 40-45% of the average golfer’s round. A small improvement in this area will have a far greater impact on your score than most other aspects of your game. When practising your putting, it is also a good idea to focus on putts shorter than 20 feet, as these make up the majority of the putts you will have on the course.

2. Set-up

The set-up is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of a golfer’s technique. If you begin your golf swing with good athletic posture, it allows your body to move correctly and will result in a more efficient swing. To ensure you improve, establish a set-up station when practising that ensures consistent ball position, alignment and stance width. Once you have done this, use a mirror to ensure you maintain athletic posture at the start of your swing.

3. Course Strategy

Another big mistake the average golfer makes is the way they navigate around the course. Golfers often either try for the hero shot too often or try to play a shot they are not confident executing. A good way to ensure you are keeping your ball in play more often is to think to yourself before each shot: “If I hit this shot with this club 10 times, how often would my next shot be in the trouble?” If the answer is more than 50% of the time, you are better to look for another option. If you do this six times during a round and save only half a shot each time, this will result in a three-shot improvement on your card.