Date: October 17, 2017
Author: Martin Blake

Tiger cleared, return on radar

Tiger Woods has been cleared by his medicos to ramp up his golf as for the first time in a while, his return to tournament golf comes on to the radar. Woods&apos manager, Mark Steinberg, told ESPN today that his six-monthly report from doctors was positive. “He got a nice report and is allowed to proceed,” said Steinberg said. “He can do as much as he needs to do. Tiger is going to take this very, very slowly. This is good, but he plans to do it the right way.” It follows Woods posting of another swing video on his Instagram and Twitter accounts this week, teasing his followers about a potential return to big golf. The former world No. 1, who has not played since having fusion surgery on his lower back in April this year, posted a video of him hitting a driver, wearing his famous Sunday red shirt, no less, and captioned: “Making progress.&apos&apos Previously he had posted videos of himself chipping, and then hitting full shots with an iron. The driver swing was more encouraging, causing a reaction from his former coach Hank Haney. “That&aposs a swing he could win with,” Haney posted on Twitter. “It&aposs not across the line and stuck inside coming down, a little stiff looking but it&aposs good enough.” But while the video caused commotion in the media, it is not clear what Woods&apos future holds. He could potentially play in his own tournament, the Hero World Challenge, from November 30 and undoubtedly would love to.