Date: December 14, 2014

Title Wave at Junior Pennant Final

The magnificent venue of Kingston Heath awaited the players for the final of Junior Pennant in 2014 between Waverly and Heidelberg. Waverly got away to a quick start through their 5 and 6 players Hannah Mourant and Tyana Phan, who were up early in their matches. The girls continued their good play to give Waverly the first two games. When Dylan Phan won his match against Todd Wilkinson Waverly only needed one more match to claim the title. Heidelberg showed their fighting spirit with Max Charles claiming victory and Liam Mountney fighting out a very close match against Hassan Korcari. This left the two captains battling in what could be the deciding match. After being up early, Toby Walker fought hard but it was Kyle Brooks who brought his team home for in the end a 5-1 victory.

After a very successful 2014 season both teams have played and defeated some quality opponents along the way and should be congratulated on making the Final.

Final Results

Waverley Wizards defeated Heidelberg (5 & 1)

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