Date: May 01, 2016
Author: MyGolf

Toomey the April MyGolfer of the month

Congratulations Rupert Toomey for winning the April MyGolfer of the Month award on behalf of the MyGolf team.

Rupert is a member of Australian Pitch and Putt in Mulgrave, Victoria. At only eight years of age he has been an active member at the MyGolf facility for a year.

Throughout this short time frame, Rupert has progressed from rookie to star level throughout his hard work on important techniques such as chipping and putting.

Since enrolling into the MyGolf program, Rupert has made excellent progress, regularly participating in the weekly Australian Pitch and Putt junior golf competition.

Australian Pitch and Putt MyGolf co-ordinator Lynette Hayhurst is extremely proud of Rupert’s progress and willingness to participate within the MyGolf program.

“Rupert regularly played in our weekly junior golf competition last year and continues to participate this year, displaying a high level of sportsmanship and always willing to support, advise and encourage fellow golfers,” Lynette said.

“He has developed confidence and strong leadership skills through his golf.”

After winning the Term 1 junior competition at Australian Pitch and Putt, Rupert has recently qualified for the primary school finals later in the year, and is now a junior member at Huntingdale Golf Course.

Congratulations on your improvements Rupert.

Your MyGolf co-ordinator and the MyGolf team are very proud of the dedication you put into improving and developing your skills.