Date: July 25, 2017
Author: Golf NSW

Torrific times ahead at Mudgee GC

Mudgee's Golfers are set for a Torrific time on the course this summer after the club, with the assistance of the NSW Golf Foundation, raised funds to purchase a second-hand rough mower.

The club that describes itself as "The Best course west of the Blue Mountains" has endured an extremely wet season, and the resulting grass growth meant the club had struggled to maintain its impeccable standards.

After putting out a call to as many volunteers that owned ride-on mowers that they could find to help tame the rough in the course, the club's board finally approved the purchase of a rough mower, and an Australia wide search began for the right piece of machinery.

Funding for the machine, however, was the club's primary concern.

Community spirit is strong in Mudgee, and a team effort of local club members assisted by outside supporters helped raise most of the necessary funds. The Board allocated all Saturday Seafood Raffle takings to go towards course improvements and the purchase of the machinery. Mudgee Veteran Golfers’ Association and the Ladies Committee also made donations towards the acquisition of the mower. However, they were still short by $5,000.

An application was made to the Golf NSW Foundation for assistance, and thankfully the grant application was successful.

Last week the 'new' roughs mower arrived. The greens staff have a new toy to play with and the members are thrilled.


For more information about the NSW Golf Foundation, grant applications and guidelines, please visit HERE