Date: November 17, 2006
Author: Ben Collins

Twilight golf a hit

By Ben Collins, Sportal Spectators at Royal Sydney have spoken glowingly about the Twilight Ticket offer available at this year&aposs MFS Australian Open. Those unable to book the day off work on Thursday or Friday could be forgiven for thinking they would have to wait until the weekend to catch any action at this year&aposs event. However, anyone arriving at Royal Sydney after 4pm on the first two days is able to catch the end of the day&aposs action at a reduced rate of just $20. David Watson had to work all day Thursday but made sure he came down to Royal Sydney later on. “I didn&apost want to pay the full price just for a few hours so when I saw there was a reduced ticket, I just thought, why not?” he said. Others to take advantage of the offer on Thursday evening were Peter Reid and his wife, Janet, and they enjoyed the chance to go close to the players. “We couldn&apost take the day off but we got here as soon as we could and it&aposs good that they have reduced tickets,” said Peter. “Most of the crowds have gone home so we can follow the players round a lot easier and get a good view of it all. It&aposs great.” The offer is not available on Saturday and Sunday, with play expected to continue on to around 7.30pm on Friday evening.