Date: August 13, 2015
Author: Ubimet

Ubimet – Lightning Alert System for Clubs

As clubs would be aware, Golf NSW has previously provided information on how to deal with risk factors affecting clubs each and every day.  One such risk is the impact of lightning on activities at, or in the vicinity of, the property operated by the golf club.

As a means to assist with providing advanced services which minimise clubs' potential liability to risk, and for this to also be cost effective, Golf NSW has joined with UBIMET to provide all golf clubs throughout NSW with access to the most advanced lightning detection system in Australia.

By way of background, UBIMET is one of the world's leading private weather service providers, providing fully customised, highly precise forecasts, and importantly, sophisticated lightning detection and warnings.

UBIMET's Lightning Detection System offers one of the most accurate reporting services available, with an extensive nationwide network of sensors and a sophisticated algorithm that calculates the exact location of strikes. The result is highly detailed and precise lightning data, offering unparalleled accuracy and reporting – a key aspect is that a text message is sent to the phone of the club professional, course superintendent and club manager if lightning is detected within a prescribed distance from the club.

With an accuracy of 150 metres (metro) and 500 metres (regional), lightning can be detected and analysed, whether these be cloud to ground or inter/intra cloud strikes.  This is substantially more superior than any other weather/lightning tracking system.  The service is also supported by a team of expert meteorologists who detect, track and issue warnings for thunderstorms.

Golf NSW has implemented the Lightning Detection System at all annual state amateur events, as well as NSW Open Golf Championships, to ensure the safety of all participants and spectators.

Through the agreement with UBIMET, Golf NSW has arranged for every club to receive full access to their exclusive Lightning Detection System at a significantly reduced rate of $395 for a full 12 month subscription.  The service is normally valued at $950 so this represents a saving of almost 60% to receive accurate information and manage a major risk factor affecting all golf clubs – lightning.

We encourage all clubs to consider the benefits of using this advanced system – To register your interest please visit: or simply contact Golf NSW at 9505 9105 or email:  In the meantime, for more information on UBIMET please visit