Date: October 13, 2014
Author: MyGolf

Updated features of the MyGolf website

Thanks to the feedback from many MyGolf Coordinators over the past three months, the MyGolf website has now experienced a significant number of upgrades in order to make it more user-friendly.

Some of the new features include:

Find a Centre – Map Search Functionality
Finding a local MyGolf Centre has just been made easier.  Typing in your local postcode will not only display a list of golf clubs within that particular area, they will also be displayed on a map. You can click the marker on the map to see the golf club’s details and view their available programs.

Programs by Facility
Rather than having every active MyGolf program on display for all golf clubs within one particular postcode or area, they are now listed by golf club or facility.  The list of golf clubs and facilities is situated below the map and this can be expanded to view all of their available programs.

A major benefit of this upgrade is that you can now copy the URL of your golf club or facility, for example Vale Golf Club (no underscores) and paste it on your website to direct interested participants straight to your available programs.

Participant Registration – Multiple Siblings per Username
Parents can now register multiple children using the same e-mail address.

Bulk Participant Upload
Coordinators can now upload a number of participants into their programs at once. Simply login to the MyGolf website as a Coordinator and download the MyGolf Participant Upload Template that is located in the Coordinator Resources section. Once you fill in the template with all of the relevant details of your participants, you will be able to upload it straight into one of your programs by pressing the upload button.

Please note, payments for each MyGolf participant who is uploaded to the website will still need to be processed individually. This can be done by clicking the ‘Pay’ button next to the record of each child who has been uploaded.

The MyGolf Team hopes that you will enjoy the new features of the MyGolf website and encourages your feedback so we can continue to improve the website over the next few months.

For any queries about the new features and upgrades please don’t hesitate to contact the MyGolf Team on 03 9626 5000 or