Date: January 17, 2007

Useful Resource for Clubs

The Monthly Benchmark is a newsletter initiative of the Game & Club Development team. Written by Jeff Blunden, Manager Club & Industry Advisory, the newsletter aims to communicate our thoughts about some key issues faced at clubs around the country. Topics discussed thus far include: Member Rounds Frequency In the current day understanding your member s frequency is vital and the effort you make around frequency will assist you in the member retention challenge. Member Communication and the link to Retention This article discusses the importance of regular member communication and its role in the member retention challenge. Club Sustainability A 10-point checklist. The article provides a succinct 10-point check list of activities and initiatives that are designed to assist clubs achieve greater financial sustainability. Reciprocal Rights Are they a forgotten benefit? This article looks at a vastly under-utilised and under sold benefit of club membership, that being reciprocal rights. The key message in these communications is that the golf product should be evolving as the market (society and golfers) evolves. The reality of the 21st century is that golfers are consumers and they will choose to participate in the game of golf how it best suits them. Click here to link through to the monthly newsletters.