Date: May 08, 2017
Author: Helensvale Golf Club

Vale – Richard Springer


Richard Springer was born in San Fernando, West Indies on the 25th September 1936 and emigrated to Australia on the 2nd January 1969.

Prior to Richard starting as our Secretary Manager, he was Sec Manager at Terranorra Lakes Country Club

Richard started at our Club in 1977 as Secretary Manager, this was when all Office work was carried out with ledgers and manual paperwork. When the Office became computerised, Richard resigned as Secretary Manager but continued on as Bar Manager for the Club. He was Club Secretary for 18 years and at the time was recognised as the longest standing Club Secretary in Qld.

Over the years, Richard was an Honorary Member of H.G.C. he worked tirelessly in every area of the Club, from Bar, Canteen, Pokie Room, Cleaning, volunteering on the golf course and played a huge part in our Club Concerts to help raise funds for the Golf Club.

As Richard was one of our longest Member of this Club, he became the Golf Club’s Historian. If you had a question about the Club, Richard was the go to person to ask.

Richard has a favourite saying, “when the waves became too high, it is time to sit on the beach”

Richard is survived by his 3 children, Denice, Sandra and Philip, their partners and grandchildren.

Richard died on 10th April, final day of the Augusta Masters.

He will be missed by all that knew him.

RIP Richard Springer