Date: July 14, 2017
Author: Golf Victoria

Victoria leading the way as MyGolf grows

Golf Victoria has led the way for Australia’s junior program MyGolf by accommodating the most participants of any state over the last 12 months.

For the third straight year Victorian centres catered for the largest number of young golfers, with 35 per cent of all MyGolf participants across the country coming from the state.

A total of 3,191 participants were recorded in Victoria alone last financial year, meaning more than 1,100 new youngsters have been welcomed to the program since July 2016. While the sum of active MyGolf centres across the country rose to a total of 281.

Golf Victoria’s Golf Development Manager Ben Sweeney cited the decision to actively involve more of the state’s public golf courses and Victoria’s biggest clubs as a key factor in the program’s continued growth.

“Our main strategy over the past year was to engage with as many of Victoria’s biggest junior golf programs,” said Sweeney.

“Our team worked really hard to make that happen however we still have a few to include. We also hope that with the removal of the school kit rebate all junior golf programs will be part of MyGolf in the near future.

“I really applaud the effort my colleagues have made over this last financial year.”

Golf Victoria’s School Golf Coordinator Jayden Zeinstra is confident of achieving even bigger numbers in the coming 12-month period, with the removal of a $7 fee for new registrants ensuring MyGolf is cheaper and more accessible for kids across the country.

“As we work harder on growing and developing golf into the school space, we need more centres and clubs to join in on MyGolf,” said Zeinstra.

“The pathway we are working towards is looking good, we just need everyone involved on the same page.”

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