Date: April 27, 2017
Author: Bernie McGuire, New Orleans

VIDEO: JD gives Rickie taste of Anzac

Jason Day and Rickie Fowler clearly are the best of friends and it is little wonder they agreed to team for this week’s Zurich Classic in New Orleans.

It is the first occasion a team event has been a part of the US PGA Tour schedule since 1981 and all 160 who have assembled this week are clearly warming to the $US7.2m event on the stunning TPC Louisiana course.

Day and Fowler arrived at the media centre mid-afternoon Wednesday (US time) and straight away they had those in attendance laughing with their antics.

Fowler was amazed at the brightness of Day’s red trousers but the Aussie brought to notice the fact Fowler missed the team meeting the night before.

"We had a team meeting last night without Rickie as he was busy with his beautiful girlfriend, which is understandable,” Day said with a smile.

But then towards the end of the interview, Day was asked a question "off the beaten path" about members of the media having been handed Anzac biscuits to eat a day earlier, Anzac Day (US time).

"We got treated to Anzac cookies, so I was wondering if you were able to observe your `Memorial Day' yesterday and does your training allow you a cookie?," came the question.

And just as Day was about to answer, a box of Anzac biscuits appeared on the desk in front of Day and Fowler thanks to the PGA's New Zealand-born Mark Williams, the interview's moderator.

Much to the amusement of those in attendance, here is what transpired:

JD: "Yeah, it does allow for a cookie. You know, I wasn’t able to — someone came up to me yesterday and was saying … there we go, thank you very much. I like these with ice cream. I don’t know about you, Mark?"

MW: Just plain.

JD: Yeah, you’re a bit of a plain Jane person though, aren’t you (laughter)? I talked to someone, they said, yeah, you’ve got to try some. So I’m trying them right now as we speak, and I might even let Rickie …

RF: I think you should.

JD: Well, you should try my culture since we’re partners. A little taste of Australia there for you. Pretty good.

RF: That’s nice.

JD: They’re hard, mate.