Date: December 18, 2018

Vision 2025

In February 2018, Golf Australia launched a strategy to address a fundamental imbalance in the game and draw more women and girls to golf – Vision 2025.

The four-pillar strategy aims to significantly increase participation rates, along with improving culture at golf clubs around the country, so that, according to GA chief executive Stephen Pitt, “our game is opened up to everyone’’.

To read the latest Vision 2025 update "One Year On" please click here.

The four main pillars of Vision 2025 are:

1. Culture and leadership: More women on boards and in senior positions; opening up clubhouses and courses and making them more welcoming – equal access, equal rights.

2. Grassroots: Introductions to golf that are friendlier and more social; more emphasis on fun and family; better transition to courses and clubs; hubs and networks for women and girls.

3. High performance and coaching: More heroes to inspire the next generation; more female coaches to nurture and develop them; more chances for the elite to compete and hone their skills.

4. Marketing and positioning: Changing the way the sport is perceived; more women and girls proud to say ‘I play golf’; promoting the fun, healthy, social game – a second sport and a sport for life.