Date: November 06, 2015
Author: David Tease - Golf NSW

Volunteer experience brings Belliss back

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arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Brett Belliss thought the opportunity to be involved as a volunteer at last year’s NSW Open Golf Championship was too good to pass up.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>"I had a great time for the whole week, so this year I'm back again," Mr Belliss says. “I think this year, I'm going to enjoy it even more.”

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Mr Belliss found his niche as a volunteer Jack-of-all-trades all around the place during the 2014 Championship. If it needed to be done, he did it, and kept a great big smile on his face as he went along.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“I did a bit of everything last year, from marshalling on holes to cooking the BBQ. I enjoyed the company, it was a good friendly atmosphere.”

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Mr Belliss really loved the opportunity to show some of the competitors his home course, and explain to them some of the features as they were walking around.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“I met some very, very good players from all over Australia last time. I loved walking around with them explaining the features of the course. There's lots of wildlife, lots of beautiful scenery to look at too,” he adds.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>The Hassall Grove retiree only took to golf a few years ago and nowdays tries to get a game in at Stonecutters Ridge a few times a week. He envies the talent of the players competing.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“They play so well,” he says. “Being able to watch them, at my age I envy them. They're very dedicated to their golf.”

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>It’s the dedication to their golf game that Mr Belliss witnessed that helped him realise how far some of them can go as professional golfers.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“The opportunities they are going to get playing the good golf that they do is wonderful,” he says.

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arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Sixty volunteers were on hand to make the Championship run smoothly last year. A similar number will be on course this year.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club CEO Craig Scott is proud of how the club members have grabbed the opportunity to help.

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“The volunteers and members have really embraced the Championship,” Mr Scott says. “They have a great time.”

arial,helvetica,sans-serif;”>“Most, if not all of them have signed up again for this year,” he added. “We wouldn’t be able to hold a successful tournament without them.”

The 2015 New South Wales Open Golf Championship will be played at Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club from 12 to 15 November 2015. The Championship forms part of the 2015 Australasian PGA Tour schedule. ENTRY IS FREE. For more information visit:


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