Date: February 24, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight: Norm Emerson

Volunteers are the lifeblood of tournaments across Australia at club, state and national level in both the amateur and professional ranks without them tournaments simply wouldn t happen. Big armies of volunteers congregate each year at the major men’s and women’s professional events on the Australian Tours year in, year out to lend their support. Outside of the tournament spotlight, volunteers play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of all golf clubs across Australia. They perform a range of duties which contribute significantly to the successful running of their club and local golfing community. Norm Emerson is one of those generous volunteers, albeit with a list of experience in golf tournaments that would rival that of some Tour officials. Over 20 years, Emerson has been heavily involved in Presidents Cups, the Australian Masters, Heineken Classics, WGC-World MatchPlay, Moonah Classics and many more. So it was fitting that in December, Emerson received an Australian Golf Digest award for Services to Golf. Emerson said his time volunteering had introduced him to people from all walks of life. Tournament organising means meeting a wide range of great people from various professions and clubs. I have a fantastic team of experienced people who run each section of the volunteers. Laughter is a very important ingredient of the whole show, Emerson said. It is very rewarding to see people simply enjoying being a volunteer. His wife of 51 years, Judy, is also a keen volunteer and has been heavily involved in coordinating scorers over the years. Although being a volunteer can get you closer to the action, Emerson s role as Chief Marshal means there s not much time for shot watching. I don t get time to watch much of the golf. We try and remember to tape each day s play. Emerson said there were fundamental qualities to successful volunteering at golf championships. It’s an ability to listen, carry out instructions, direct people and happily interact with those around him or her.You need these qualities no matter what the weather is like or the size or mood of the gallery. Norm and Judy Emerson plans to continue volunteering for as long as they can. Do you have a dedicated volunteer you&aposd like to see featured in the Volunteer Spotlight? Email with their name and some information and contact details and we&aposll be in touch.