Date: November 22, 2007

Volunteers continue to drive Junior Lottery

Priya Khanna lives and breathes golf. At just 17 she has already been playing for eight years and has her eyes on a US scholarship and the dream of the Women’s British Open. As a volunteer, Priya has made hundreds of calls to clubs for Golf Australia in the last two months to help drum up support for the Junior Golf Development Lottery. A member of Riversdale Golf Club, Melbourne, she plays every weekend and almost every day during the holidays. “It&aposs rewarding when you hit good shots and play well and frustrating enough that you just want to get better at it,” she said when describing what she enjoys about golf. Living next door to a golf course, Priya started at eight years old playing with her father. “At the start it was just nice to spend time with Dad, he was really enthusiastic, but then I got hooked.” Juggling her studies for the International Baccalaureate, playing every weekend and practice on Wednesday afternoons, she also manages to fit in weekly clarinet lessons and her role as the Junior Representative on the Golf Australia Junior Golf Advisory Board. “I also love the social part, it&aposs nice to just hang out and play with the other juniors. There&aposs a whole network of us around the clubs”. Priya has played about 20 tournaments this year, a highlight was the International Jack Newton Classic against South African and New Zealand juniors. On the Lottery Priya said, “I wanted to help out with the Lottery because if it wasn&apost for the junior golf programs, coaching, clinics and tournaments that I have had access to, I wouldn t be able to achieve what I have so far. The prizes are amazing, I&aposd love to win something for my club or take some friends on the Golf Australia VIP tour!” When asked what she&aposd do if she didn&apost play golf there was a long pause, “That&aposs tough,” she said, “I can t imagine it!” The Lottery has over $180,000 in prizes to be won for individuals and clubs and all money raised will go towards Golf Australia&aposs junior golf projects. Lottery tickets are on sale for just $5.00 until 30 November and can be purchased by calling 03 9663 0886, or using the order form on