Date: May 16, 2019
Author: Wynter Hines

Volunteers make Golf great

Volunteers make Golf Great. They are the unpaid heroes of most golf tournaments, not just in NSW and Australia, but around the world.

Next week is Volunteer Week, and Golf NSW would like to recognise each and every one of them for their contribution.

Without the time, commitment and selflessness of so many, the seamless running of our biggest tournaments simply wouldn’t happen, and some of our member golf clubs just wouldn’t exist.

Volunteering Australia defines volunteering as “time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain,” and we certainly appreciate the considerable commitment of time and energy they all make.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time: they just have the heart,” acclaimed author Elizabeth Andrew said.

During some of our biggest events this year, we had volunteers welcoming staff to the course at 5 am.

Volunteers make Golf Great

A handful endured the 14 hour plus days for the entire week of the tournament.

From caddying to bib coordinators. Leader board holders, walking rovers and rules officials, to carpark attendants, & administration assistants gathering data.

We had twin 15-year school girls help us as the Australian Ladies Classic Bonville. They asked Mum to have a day off school so they could help and be part of the tournament.

Volunteering is for everyone, men, women – young, old or those in-between.

There is always a role or a job that needs doing.

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Earlier this year, at the Women’s NSW Open, we had a volunteer who used his motorised scooter to monitor the 18th fairway at Queanbeyan Golf Club.

It’s not just the volunteers who help at our tournaments to who we need to pay tribute.

There are hundreds of men and women and juniors who contribute their time to their club every week.

In NSW several regional clubs operate on volunteers alone.

Some clubs have one paid member of staff, usually the cleaner!

We have husband and wife duo’s that manage the club and the course with a small team of other local volunteers.

These dedicated golfing champions are the reason the club still operates. The community rallies together to do everything from course management to catering – it’s extraordinary when you think of the combined working hours they put in, unpaid.

I wish I could thank each one of them individually.

Golf NSW understands the importance of Volunteers to the health & vitality of the sport across our state. We recognise this selfless contribution through the Volunteer of the Year award, which is presented at the Annual NSW Golf Industry Awards in October.