Date: May 02, 2014

WA Club Golf Results – Thursday

   CAPEL: DSR 69 4B: C Macri M Macri 10 M Wagenaar T Barker 10 T Augimeri P Costello 10 D Forster G Bremner 10 G Cuthbertson R Rendell 9 G Tyler K Sawyer 9 A Booth T Booth 9 T Nichols J Mclennan 9 J Corbett L Mayne 9 J Miller F Van Ranzow (Busselton) 9 A Carr A Sanderson 9 T Davis M Price 8.

   HARTFIELD: DSR 74 Stableford: K Burden 38 A Brett 37 G Orbinski 37 E Cranfield 37 S Choo 37 M Dunsmore 36 M Gooch 36 G Lalley 36 M Barker 36 G Ashmole 36 F Michael 36 R Stratton 35 M Gander 35 P Delahunt 35 T McQuade 35 K Foots 35 R Campbell 35 S Taddei 35 K Beahan 35 A Coombs 35 G Hine 35 A LIEW 35 D Byrne (Hartfield CC) 34 G Lean 34 B McIntyre 34 J Hyland 34 K Jupp (Hartfield CC) 34 C Cuomo 34 B Pielage 34 M Young 34. Scr: M Dunsmore 34.

   MELVILLE GLADES: Women Silver Spoon: J Park 74. Stroke A: L McVey 87. B: K Myung 75. C: E Frost 76. Scr: L McVey 81. Other: R Martin J Davies 76 J Northrop H Craig F Stevens L Mias 77 B Epstein 78 T Cawthorne C Van der Walt L Habershon 79 J Murphy B Colbert M McDonald L Lively J Wootliff M Little 80. 9-hole: A Freeman 38 cb M Sayce 38.

   PINJARRA: Women Stroke: N Fregon 71 cb J Mason 71 J Durell T Clarke 72 C Barry 73 L Hart B King J Ward 74 S Leach 75. 9-hole: W Canadzich 33 G Roberts 41 D Ruloff 41 A Love P Collins 42.

   ROYAL FREMANTLE: Par: D Ciccotosto 5 up B Treloar G Gazzone M Bresnahan 3 up W Battel C Battel T Fazioli M Krieser A Carter 2 up N Chapman T Foster R Henderson T Graham A Gaffey S Zaninovich R Marzec J Kettle 1 up. Scr: A Becker 75 cb.

   SERPENTINE & DISTRICTS: Mxd Stableford: S Denman 43 P Rodger V Tucker 42 G Gregory 41 W Lipscombe 40 G Wholagen 39.

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