Date: May 01, 2014

WA Club Golf Results – Wednesday

CAPEL: Women Stroke: Silver: D Taylor 74 cb D Strachan 74 B Miller 77. Bronze: A McRobb 73 E Wallis 79. Scr: M Woolf 91.

   MELVILLE GLADES: Par: C Nicholas 4 up cb B Warren 4 up J Ebbs 3 up B Whyte P Chouhan R Culley G Calvert 2 up G Knight B Hogg B Berry J Emslie D Bentley A Brown G Scott T Wright 1 up J Nicholas P Doherty W Lyons K Hills D Browne R Constable L Plumridge sq K McVicar P McHugh D Annear D Richardson V Voykovich B White M Warburton A Taylor J Vaughan J Thompson P Black G Hynes R Galton 1 down. Scr: H Bancroft 2 down.

   NEDLANDS: Stableford: G Furness 44 D Parker I MacDonald 43 A Frazer L MacPherson 42 R Lee 41 B Lawrence R Viol 40 V Caruso G Fitzhardinge M Buck 37 I McCallum S Van Heurck L Bridge R McLennan L Dry 36.

   ROYAL FREMANTLE Women Stableford A: P Ellis 34. B: C Miller 35 cb. C: P McKay 34. Overall: M Pyatt 37.

   ROYAL PERTH: Stableford Trophy: S Day 2 up cb B Tin J Boxall 3 up G Chapman G Stiles T Musgrave W Smith S Williams B Garlick 2 up S Divirgilio J Banting S Liew G Wilson F Sanchez 1 up P Lynch W Tan S Fidock D Smith M Pallot H Schutte R Syme R Metherell S Erceg C Ginbey R Field P Tracey M Brown sq. Scr: J Banting sq.

   WESTERN AUSTRALIAN: Mxd Stableford A: R Casey 38 J Bray 37 B Robinson 33 J Pyatt 31. B: B White 41 K Purcell 38 S Sherriffs P Campion 35. C: B Gould 41 G Bourgault 40 B Goddard 39 K Felton 37. PM A: I Evans 37 A Billington 36 P Ward 35 N Sanderson 34. B: B Gloster 39 G Foster G Pratt T Newman 35. C: J Martin 40 F Evangelista 39 M de Haas 36 B Sanders 35.

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