Date: August 10, 2017
Author: Dave Tease

Wall pulls off the impossible

They say lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice, but for Shelly Beach Golf Club's Greg Wall, it has.

The 11-marker has managed to pull-off something remarkable – two holes in one during the same round.

The odds of the achievement? a staggering 156 million to one.

Wall pulled off the stunning feat in Thursday's competition at Shelly Beach on the NSW Central Coast.

The first ace came at the 132-metre 4th hole when his eight iron rolled into the cup for a one.

"It was pretty unbelieveable," A stunned Wall said. " I thought I had hit a good shot on the fourth, I was just hoping to get it close enough to make two points. I bent down to pick my tee up and the boys in the group in front started cheering."

Then in a feat akin to Odin firing a thunderbolt down and striking the very same spot, Wall repeated his 4th hole effort on the 18th, this time guiding a five iron from 153 metres into the cup.

"I thought I hit the shot on the last well. It looked pretty good, and then the boys in the group in front have all gone up cheering and screaming again. I thought it was a gee up!"

"I was in a bit of shock afterwards, and had to ask myself what had just happened."

"I couldn't believe it, I'm still shaking," Wall said.

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Club Captain Peter Sliwinski said the members were in disbelief at the achievement.

“I was playing two groups ahead of Greg, and when we heard the cheering from the 4th, well, you know that sort of cheer means a hole in one."

"But when we heard the same cheer on 18, we were all stunned," Sliwinski said.

Wall's playing partner John Timmins added. " I was the only one of four players who saw both balls go in the hole,"

"Not many others will see this in their lifetime," smiled Timmins.

The celebration of the historical achievement went well into the night for the 49 year old train coal train driver and his mates, with a few post cheer headaches this morning.

"We ended up shuting the club bar about 10pm last night," Wall smiled. 

The rarity of the event can't be understated. It has happened just once on the US PGA Tour, when Brian Harman made a pair of aces at the Barclays Classic in 2015.

The record for most in a single round, surprisingly, may have been recorded by North Korea's Dear Leader and avid golfer Kim Jong Il with five or 11, depending of course on the reputation of the "Official" news source you choose to believe during his remarkable 38-under par round back in 1994,

For the record, officially, Greg's score of 39 points was also good enough to win the comp.


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