Date: April 14, 2013
Author: Sharon Nott - WDLGA JPO

WDLGA District Club Coaching & Golf Membership Drive

With the support of Golf NSW District Funding Grants Western District clubs have been holding Beginner Golf Coaching Clinics to promote and encourage new membership during 2012/2013. Clinics for this year have been held at Cowra, Grenfell, Coonamble and Caragabal. Resident Local Professional Steve Cains at Cowra ran a series of clinics that led to a number of new members joining Cowra Golf Club. The other clinics were lead by WDLGA JPO Sharon Nott and with the enthusiasm shown by the supporting lady golfers everyone had an enjoyable introduction to golf with words of “l will be back for a game next Friday” on a number of lips. Also on their lips were Posture, Stance and Alignment!!!! Special thanks to Viginia Drogemuller, President at Grenfell ; Ginny Taylor, Secretary at Coonamble and Lindy Pollack, President at Caragabal who all organised a great day with real country hospitality.