Date: October 07, 2015
Author: Robert Grant

We’re sick of losing Presidents Cup: Day

Jason Day says the Internationals are determined to reverse the trend of losing the Presidents Cup and aim to start with the clash against the US at Incheon City, Korea, this week.

"For us it's kind of do-or-die," Day said. "It would be nice to finally get that win against the Americans. It would be nice to win.

"I think everyone's kind of fed up with it, that we have been losing for a while now. I think  Adam Scott is more so fed up with it because he's been on his seventh team now and hasn't won one.

"So I think right now all the guys are slowly but surely getting amped up to play against the Americans."  

The Internationals' sole success was at Royal Melbourne in 1998. 

Day said another loss would be deeply hurtful, but he is geared up to do as much damage as possible. 

"For me personally, I'm just going to try to do my best. I would love to go 5-0, that would be fantastic. 

"But it's going to be tough because the competition on the other side with the Americans is going to be very difficult…I've just got to go out there and try to keep grinding away and see how it goes.

"Obviously you look at how stacked the American side is. We're going ro remember it for a long time if we win and it's going to be painful if the Americans lose because if how they played this year. They have had a really good team, they have played phenomenal golf." 

Day made it clear that, despite is dominant year, he was part of a team and his side would be looking for leadership among the playing group more to Adam Scott because of his experience.

"I'm just trying to be the best person I can for my teammates, try to help them out as much as possible," he said. 

"Leading is more, you've got to sacrifice. When you're a leader you've got to sacrifice and think of others before yourself. 

"In my case, once again, if I need to sit out because I'm playing poorly, then I'll sit out, even though I've played great this year.

"I just have to do whatever I can possible to help the team and I'm okay with sitting out if they want me to sit out.

"That's why I said, if I need to go play every day, I'll do it. I'm here to get as many points as as we can so that we have a shot at winning at the end of the week."

The internationals have already talked in depth about strategy but Day admitted he found foursomes "a lot more nerve-wracking" than fourballs.

"Fourballs, you're out there playing your own ball but sometimes you're thinking about not getting your partner in the junk and I am sure they are thinking the same thing.

"The biggest thing is you don't say sorry out there, just look, go out and do your best," he said. 

"The showcase match would be a clash between US PGA champion day and Masters and US Open champion Jordan Spieth, but Day is not sure when or if it might happen.

 "I think a lot of people around the world are interested to see if that will happen," Day said. "I think it would be a lot of fun to play against Jordan, but I'm not too sure what the strategy will be with that. 

"It all depends on where the points are and how everyone is playing, how things are going and from there make that decision who I'll play against."