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Where to play

Mini Golf / Putt Putt

Mini Golf is a miniature version of the game with players using only a putter to play the round. Players often encounter a variety of novelties and obstacles to get to the hole. This is a great family option which everyone can play.

Pitch & Putt

Pitch and Putt is also a mini version of golf with players using only a wedge and putter to play their round. Holes are much shorter than normal golf holes and generally have a maximum length of 90 metres. > For a directory of Mini Golf/Putt Putt and Pitch and Putt locations click here

Driving Ranges

Driving ranges are generally found at golf courses but may also be a standalone facility. They offer hitting bays and other practice areas such as bunkers and chipping greens. Players pay for use of the facility through the hire of practice balls. Some golf courses also open their practice fairway for public use so check with the local club. > For a directory of standalone driving ranges click here

Public Golf Courses (Including Resort Courses)

Public golf courses are generally open to anyone, with players paying a fee to play their round. Green fees vary depending on the day of the week, the time of day or the time of year. Fees for an 18-hole round may vary from $10 to $150. It is recommended players contact the club prior to the round to make a booking. > For a directory of public golf courses click here

Private Golf Courses

Private golf courses have a membership and members pay an annual fee for playing rights at the course. To play on a private course, guests generally need to be invited by a member, however there are sometimes opportunities to play on a private course through an open day or special event. > For a directory of private golf courses click here

Semi Private Golf Courses

Semi Private Golf Courses are a combination of the above. They generally have their own members but are also open for public play. Non-members are able to book a round and pay a green fee.