Date: September 21, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

Why you should become a golf club member

You’ve tried golf and liked it – so what’s the next step?

Firstly, welcome and we’re thrilled you’re keen.

As you’ve no doubt learnt by checking out the GOLF MONTH website and all the activities available, there’s plenty of ways to stay involved.

But the biggest benefits are derived by those who become club members.

There are some willing to denounce membership, but there are almost 400,000 people around Australia who swear by them.

And there are a myriad of reasons why.

Australia is fortunate to have arguably the best array of golf courses in the world – approximately 1500 that provide various memberships.

The benefits of joining a golf club are extensive and include:

• Developing life-long friendships

• Enjoying the social camaraderie

• The opportunity to play in competitions or just socially

• Certainty of arranging a game at a given time

• Ability to freely access the course 

• A meeting place for family and friends

• Achieving a sense of belonging and the opportunity to contribute to the club and local community

• Contributing to a healthier Australian community

Joining a club helps give you access to preferred tee times and the ability to invite guests for social or business purposes – there’s no better place to seal a deal.

Or how about the right to have an official handicap that enables you to play at other clubs’ tournament events or in that social outing you’ve been meaning to get involved in for years.

And one of the biggest features of golf club memberships is your ability to come and go as you please. While work and other engagements can prevent you having the time to complete the full 18 at the end of your day, there’s nothing stopping you nipping out for six quick holes before dark.

Then there’s the club itself. Practice facilities are a boon for those keen to reduce their handicap, with most free to members. And there’s no easier place to meet new people than the warm environment inside your clubhouse with a familiar atmosphere, recognisable faces and cheaper food and beverage prices all part of the unsung benefits.

And never forget the club pro. Striking a good relationship with the person who can shave shots off your score is invaluable. Lessons with the same person are a great way to track your progress and he or she might even be able to point you in the right direction of clubs best suited to your game. Who knows? They might even be in a position to lend you some sticks so you can try them on your home course where you know exactly what’s required to get your game to that next level.