Date: February 17, 2011

Wired up at National Camp

For Matt Stieger, today was his first experience of being “wired up”. The NSWIS program member met with 3D specialist Ryan Lumsden to analyse his movement. Lumsden, who is originally from St Andrews in Scotland, said the process helped players to maximise their swing patterns. “It establishes how effective their movement patterns are within their swing,” Lumsden said. “It allows us to establish cause and effect relationships: whether that be technical or the player loading their body in a particular way which creates muscle imbalances.” For Stieger the whole process was new territory in his development. “This was the first time that I&aposve done it and coming from country NSW, I hadn&apost been exposed to this sort of technology before,” he said. “It definitely helped with what I&aposve been working on. It has proved the point about what my coach has been telling me. To see this stuff – it points straight at you and the evidence is something you can&apost argue with.” Lumsden said the real-time feedback was an important part in the process. “We use the real-time feedback to help the players understand what “feels” they need to attach to the movements we are trying to get them to make,” he said. “Through using this technology we help players understand what makes their swings work.” “We&aposve been setting some direction for them in terms of the projects that they&aposve got across all areas of their games. It gets them structure in their practice,” Lumsden added. The players began their second day with a gruelling 45 minute sand dune session with Ramsay McMaster. The effects of the dunes in the pre dawn light was not lost on WA&aposs Ryan Peake. “It&aposs probably the most intense thing I&aposve been through, as far as fitness goes,” Peake said. “I expected it to be hard but I guess you try and push yourself to not stop.” In addition to the 3D swing testing, players have also moved through wedge testing with former AIS Head Coach Mark Holland, conditioning sessions, course management practice and also had one-on-one brain wave analysis sessions with renowned sport psychologist Dr Noel Blundell. On the opening day of the camp players worked in groups and one-on-one developing their pre-shot routines under the guidance of sport psychologist John Crampton. In addition players are taking advice from and being supported in their work by Golf Australia&aposs National Coaches including Tony Meyer (QLD), Gareth Jones (SA), Khan Pullen (NSW), Marty Joyce (VIC) and Peter Knight (TAS).