Date: June 17, 2014
Author: Jack Newton Junior Golf

Wombat Golf at Manilla

Manilla Central began their 2014 Golf Program with the Year 5 students enjoying a day at the Manilla Golf Course. Twenty-four students from Ms Berriman’s class started with some warm up swings on the driving range and then played some modified holes of Wombat Golf. For the majority of the students it was their first experience of playing golf on a proper course.

The students not only learnt the basics of the golf swing but developed the fine skills required to perfect a “smooth” on the sand greens.

The students played three holes (Par 3, 4 and 5) and the winning team had a fine par round of twelve. Each team was guided around the course with lady members who taught them some of the finer aspects of the game.

Mrs Nist, Mr Conner and Miss Adams completed a staff development course and will use their newly acquired knowledge to deliver a golf program to their students back at school.

JNJG and Manilla Central would like to thank Manilla Golf Club, the lady members and Tim Endacott for all their assistance in making the day such a success and look forward to their next day on the course.

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