Date: April 01, 2019
Author: Emmanuel Aravanis

Women’s Metropolitan Major Pennant

9;s Metropolitan Major Pennant is an inter-club competition played on Sundays which allows working women and school girls to participate in an inter-club pennant competition without having to sacrifice time off work or school. 

Conducted annually, the Women's Metropolitan Major Pennant is open to all metropolitan golf clubs affiliated with Golf NSW. Teams consist of five players, and each club may be represented by one team only. Matches will be played in a number of grades which are based on the number of clubs that enter. 

The competition is played over 18-holes of match play without the benefit of handicap and is conducted in a home and away format (where possible). Promotion and relegation between Divisions will occur also.

Players who participate in Major Pennant may not play Grade (see draft conditions below for further details). While caddies are allowed, there is no obligation for a Club to provide a caddy for their players.
















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