Date: February 06, 2015

Women’s round 2 action at Oates Vic Open

 Scottish professional Sally Watson has revealed that she has room for improvement despite leading the women’s leaderboard midday (sitting on eight under par). 

“My tendency is to play conservatively so when there were a few birdie opportunities I was taking the foot off the gas,”
“I could have done a few things better but I recorded a few more birdies so if I was to make a mistake then there would be plenty of holes to recover from it” said Watson.
However the 23-year-old said she was still happy with her overall performance, on par with her 69 scored yesterday on the creek course.
“I found myself almost playing a little bit too conservatively so now it’s nice to play on this course a second time as my game plan can be a little bit better,”
“Even the two bogeys I did make were then followed up with birdies so I’m very happy with my result."
 “My game is in good shape, I just want to continue to attack when the opportunities present themselves” said Watson.
Watson travelled across 17 countries last year and understands that even she is no certainty this weekend despite her healthy lead.

“I like to think most tournaments that I go into I have a chance of winning but we have two days to go and a lot can happen,"

“It’s an exciting situation to be in, for me it’s a matter of making six (birdies) today maybe more tomorrow” said Watson.
The International star also gave credit to her caddy Max Allison following her game today stating that his friendship was well appreciated when playing on unknown territory.
“I like to verbalise what I’m doing and I feel silly talking to myself when I’m by myself,” 
“He had never seen any of the courses either but he’s a friend from Scotland based in Cambodia therefore it was nice of him to come down and help me out for a few weeks” said Watson.
By: Alex Tigani, Golf Victoria media