Date: May 28, 2018
Author: Golf Tasmania

Wynyard wins division one men’s pennant final

Wynyard Golf Club is the toast of the North West Coast after taking out division one of the state men’s pennant finals on Sunday.


The 36-hole contest at Ulverstone Golf Club saw the Wynyard crew defeat Tasmania 4-3 in a thrilling encounter.


Tasmania started favourites after defeating Launceston the day prior in the preliminary final and secured early victories through Josh Spaulding and Andrew Phillips.


Playing at numbers six and five, Spaulding and Phillips respectively defeated the father and son combination of John and Ben Kalbfell 2&1 and 6&5.


Wynyard fought back at number seven with junior member Jack Lakin routing Brett Geeves 8&6, giving Tasmania a 2-1 lead with four matches remaining.


Tasmania Golf Club’s Mark Schulze secured the number three match by defeating Heath Middap 3&2.


However, celebrations were short lived with Wynyard’s higher to middle order capturing the remaining three matches.


At number one, Craig Hancock defeated Nathan Gatehouse 6&5, Paul Marshall beat Paul Read 3&2 and Paul Harding overcame Richard Kube 4&3.


Tasmania Golf Club bounced back in the remaining 18-hole finals with a 5-2 win over Thirlstane in division two and a 5½-1½ victory over Wynyard in division three.


In division two, Tasmania’s Oscar Burrell defeated Jason Sims 5&4, Dylan Backhouse beat Kodie Clarke 2up, Paul Faulks overcame Rick Timmerman 2&1 and Neil Faulks defeated Matt Clarke 2&1.


Thirlstane’s sole victory was through Jamie Kunta beating Brady Conyers 2&1 in an exciting match.


Timothy Smith and Craig Christie squared their number one and two contests with Thirlstane’s Darren Richardson and Tim Maxwell to complete the result for Tasmania.


Best for Tasmania in division three were Alex Johnston, Lachlan White, Bill Wellington, Darren Pybus and Match Stalker.


While Ben Johnson and Craig Clark were the best for the defeated Wynyard division three team.


Saturday 26 May

Division One Preliminary Final

Tasmania defeated Launceston 5-2

Nathan Gatehouse defeated Greg Longmore 2&1

Paul Read lost to Mitch Van Noord 3&2

Mark Schulze defeated Errol Lohrey 4&3

Richard Kube defeated Cameron Bell 2&1

Andrew Phillips defeated Shayne Walker 1up @ the 20th

Josh Spaulding defeated Brett Churchill 2&1

Brett Geeves lost to Matt Marston 2&1


Division Two Preliminary Final

Tasmania defeated Launceston 5-2

Timothy Smith squared Daniel Murray

Craig Christie lost to Alex Masters 4&3

Brad Conyers defeated Peter Westfield 4&2

Oscar Burrell defeated Matt Wiltshire 4&2

Dylan Backhouse squared Johnnie French

Paul Faulks defeated Zac Bird 3&2

Neil Faulks defeated Dylan Kingston 2&1


Division Three Preliminary Final

Tasmania defeated Launceston 4-3

Dane Hibberd lost to Nigel Donachie 8&6

Glen Evans defeated Daniel Hillier 2&1

Alex Johnston defeated Riley Krushka 1up at the 20th

Lachie White lost to Derrick Lynch 1 down

Bill Wellington defeated Dave Cash 2&1

Darren Pybus defeated Greg Sawford 5&3

Mitch Stalker lost to David Hamilton 4&3


Sunday 27 May

Division One Final

Wynyard defeated Tasmania 4-3

Craig Hancock defeated Nathan Gatehouse 6&5

Paul Marshall defeated Paul Read 3&2

Heath Middap lost to Mark Schulze 3&2

Paul Harding defeated Richard Kube 4&3

Ben Kalbfell lost to Andrew Phillips 6&5

John Kalbfell lost to Josh Spaulding 2&1

Jack Lakin defeated Brett Geeves 8&6


Division Two Final

Tasmania defeated Thirlstane 5-2

Timothy Smith squared Darren Richardson

Criag Christie squared Tim Maxwell

Brad Conyers lost to Jamie Kunta 2&1

Oscar Burrell defeated Jason Sims 5&4

Dylan Backhouse defeated Kodie Clarke 2 up

Paul Faulks defeated Rick Timmerman 2&1

Neil Faulks defeated Matt Clarke 2&1


Division Three Final

Tasmania defeated Wynyard 5½-1½

Dane Hibberd lost to Ben Johnson 5&4

Glenn Evans squared Craig Clark

Alex Johnston defeated Eli McDonald 5&4

Lachie White defeated Damien Holberg 7&5

Bill Wellington defeated Maurice Docking 6&5

Darren Pybus defeated Brady Allen 6&5

Mitch Stalker defeated Todd Chatwin 2&1


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