Date: April 01, 2018
Author: Golf Queensland

Yevin shines during Queen’s Baton Relay

It’s no joke that on Sunday 1st April (also known as April Fool's Day), Yevin Samararatne, who just turned 14, was awarded the honour of running of the Queen’s Baton Relay for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the position of runner #24 in the line, supported by his local community and family.

Even though Yevin graduated from his Shailer Park State Primary School in 2015, Vice Principle Mr. Mannon immediately though of the young golfer when run positions were released. When asked if he was interested, Yevin of course said yes, with approval from Mum, Kanushka.

“Mr Mannon and Former Principal Mr Troy Ascott called me and explained the rare opportunity to participate in the baton relay. They said the nomination process may take up to two months to be approved. After that we received the great news saying he was selected to carry the Queens relay baton,” Mrs Samararatne recalls.

Application process commenced last July and once approved, Yevin’s immediate family were required to sign an agreement to not share the news till October 2017. The extended family were all in the know and managed to contain the news until the official launch day.

Not only is Yevin an impressive junior golfer, he was also the School Captain in 2015, received the Best Sportsman of the Year award in the same year and also won the “2015 PRIX D’ HONNEUR Award for year 2015 (DUX AWARD) for outstanding academic achievement.

He continued to participate in golf State and National championships in Queensland and around Australia. To compound this, Yevin also won the Best Sportsman of the Year at Shailer Park Stat High School last year. This showcased his skills and determination, leading to the appointment of  School Captain for the Junior Secondary School.

“I think Yevin’s achievements in golf was the main reason for the nomination. His academic career being a bright student may have attributed for his successful selection as a baton carrier,” beams proud Mrs Samararatne.

We cannot wait to see more achievements from Yevin!