Date: January 30, 2014
Author: Jayden Robinson - via JNJG

Yr 7 Dunedoo School Boy enjoys new golf program

Report 2013

Dunedoo Year 7 student Jayden Robinson shares his experience in Golf

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In Term 3 of the 2013 school year, the Boys’ Golfing Program was established to give Dunedoo Central School students an opportunity to improve their skills in the game of golf. It started off with five boys who were keen to give golf a go and ended up expanding to eight players. The boys involved in this were Jayden Robinson, James Holland, Sean Kerr, Blake Taufa, David Abbott, Brandon Cooke, Tyson Craggs, Dylan Green and Anthony Roach.


The program ran for five weeks and the students received coaching and guidance from JNJG Territory Manager Sharon Nott, School Principal Peter Campbell, Teacher Chris Bush and Veteran Players Barry Nott and Gilbert Geerts.

After the five-week program the boys were at a standard to compete in the WSSA Sand Green Championships at Yeoval where a three-person student/teacher Ambrose event was held in conjunction with the Championships. Other students competing in the event travelled from Oberon, Yeoval, Wellington, Cumnock, Trundle, Tullamore, Kandos, Bathurst and Orange.

Dunedoo Year 7 student, Sean Kerr, in his first nine hole event got a nearest to the pin and one of the Dunedoo teams came second. Teacher Adam Honeysett, from Dunedoo had the straightest drive, which the Dunedoo boys felt was almost certainly a complete fluke.
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After that initial awesomeness, Sean and myself (Jayden Robinson) began playing in the Saturday competitions and quickly ‘outclassed’ our teacher Chris Bush with our improving golf skills. Later, Brandon Cooke also started playing on Saturdays along with Anthony Roach and Tyson Craggs.

In the golfing program we learnt skills on how to chip, putt and drive, as well as some other golf techniques like having a rhythmic swing and making sure our setup, including stance and aiming were correct. At the start of the program none of us knew a single thing about golf (apart from MYGolf in the school grounds when we were very young); and now there are a few boys that play in the Dunedoo Saturday Competitions outside of school.

All of us boys would like to thank Sharon Nott, Barry Nott and Gilbert Geerts for helping us with our golfing games on a Friday afternoon. These great golfing mentors have really helped us improve our game and we appreciate their patience and assistance.

The Boys’ Golfing Program was lots of fun for all of us and helped teach us a great deal about golf. It is a very worthwhile program and on behalf of the other boys, I would like to thank Mr Campbell and Dunedoo Central School for offering us this excellent opportunity to get involved in a great sport.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Mr Bush for being really bad at golf, which made us look good out on the links. The program proved so successful with the boys in Term 3 that the school did an extended four-week program in Term 4 which included the boys getting involved with regripping clubs and putting five pencil sets together for the school and future programs.

The school is keen to take students to the WSSA CHS Golf Championships at Wentworth on the 17th March 2014 and the students can’t wait.
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My full name is Jayden Brock Robinson. I am 14 years old. I grew up on a farm outside of Dunedoo. I was born with a lot of problems with my legs so I can’t really play many sports.


When I was back in infants Sharon Nott, from Jack Newton Junior Golf, came to our school and did a Go-Go Golf Day to give students an experience of what golf is like. That was the first time I ever touched a golf club, which I remember, was a 7 iron.

Unfortunately our school didn’t do a regular golf program in my primary years. In Term 2 of 2013 I was put in the School Boys Program and since being reintroduced to golf I cannot seem to ever get enough of the game!

Thanks again to everyone for helping me develop my golf techniques.

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